13 Tips To Enjoy Better Sex


13 These are some of the best tips for improving sex who shared users of the social network Reddit .

What is clear that going slowly, preliminary and kisses in the most sensitive areas of the body takes the cake.

enjoy better sex

Internet agrees that this is the most advisable to enjoy more in the bedroom:

1. Blindfolds

“Especially if your partner is very seductive, blindfold during sex and preliminary is an experience that changes your life.”

2. Suck your finger to your partner

“A former grabbed my finger while doing missionary, he popped it into my mouth and sucked. I do not know why, but let me crazy. She had no idea why he had done, he just went well for the intensity of the moment “.

3. Give kisses on the neck

“There erogenous zones that are sometimes completely ignored. Maybe it’s because I’m from Romania (Dracula, vampires and stuff), but the neck is one of the parts that I like a woman”.

4. Do not be in a hurry

“Masturbation, oral sex, penetration, anal sex or anything you can think of: it must be done without haste And the feeling that leaves an orgasm that has been built up gradually is incredible.”.

5. Use lubricant

“There are many people that the pleasure of using lubricant is lost.”

6. Do not abuse power

As the clitoris is concerned, a slight pressure is preferred, please do not aporreƩis Women are sensitive and I think I speak for the majority when I say that excessive pressure is painful, we cut the roll or us. leaves too sore to continue.

7. Do not be limited to in-out

I do not know why, but most of the guys I’ve been confined to in-out when stimulate a woman’s vagina with your fingers. This, for most women, not much.

There are many nerve endings inside the vaginal wall and we are encouraged more when more surface is covered. I’ve noticed that it is more effective to put your fingers and go bending them until they are introduced to the knuckles.

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8. Do not be afraid of the preliminary anal

Men in general tend to be afraid of the preliminary records, but prostate orgasms are fantastic.

9. Give kisses on the back

There is a key point on the back, between the shoulder blades and the height of the fifth vertebra. Kiss your partner there. Without language without too much saliva. Try to make sure that the only thing that touches her naked body are your lips, not rubbing or nose, chin and hair. Do it slowly so that your partner feel your presence, your body heat and your breath just before you give it a kiss.

It is a very sensual area in which a kiss, like the inside of the elbow, wrist, the inside of the knees or armpits. The doll is also a good place to try a little wet kisses .

10. Use a pillow.

That girls a pillow under the hips are made to make the missionary. In this way, the angle is much better.

11. Vary slightly during oral sex

When performing oral sex on a woman, should not be limited to lick up and down. The most enjoyable sex is not to have controlled the situation. It has to be spontaneous, climb, descend, circle, etc. But not I recommend vary when close to orgasm, at which time, we must maintain the steady pace that made you respond.

12. Do not pretend always the woman reaches orgasm

I think it’s very important for men to remember that not all women are desperate to reach orgasm every time they have sex. You can resultarnos difficult to process because, for us, that final release is what gives meaning to the whole act. But for many women, having sex without a final orgasm may be satisfactory to occur, however odd it may seem to most men.

The bottom line is this: if a woman does not seem run-and feel frustrated by it-that not panic. If a woman has not reached orgasm, but want to go, you will tell. Maybe even you yell.

If prompted, do it. But if you have not had an orgasm and feels good, do not take it personally or chastising for it.

13. Lick the rim of the ear of your partner

Pass the tongue over the rim of the ear of your partner so you can hear how the tongue in your mouth moves, come all you can and breathe softly near her ear. You will put goosebumps immediately” .


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