10 Bizarre Records Related To Sex


In this post, we’ll show you some bizarre records related to sex. Check it:

1. The oldest prostitute in the world

She is 82, lives in Taipei and allegedly began to prostitute at age 40 when her husband died.

2. Sex more partners in 24 hours

American pornographic actress Lisa Sparks was with 919 men in one day.

3. Oldest Father’s World

The oldest dad in the world is 90 years. The Indian Nanu Ram had 21 children and want to have more children to complete 100 years. Disposes.

4. Stronger Vagina world

The strongest vagina world belongs to Russia’s Tatyana Kozhevnikova 42 years. She managed to do the impossible: lifted a 14 kilos of weight only to the vagina.

5. More time masturbating

Who won this was the Japanese Masanobu Sato masturbated for nine hours and 58 minutes without interruption. The feat was recorded in an annual competition in San Francisco, in the United States.

6. Remember ejaculation

Horst Schultz managed to launch six meters away a seminal fluid jet.

7. The mother more children

Russian Valentina Vassilyeva, gave birth to 69 children. There are 16 twins, 4 quadruples, triplets 7, between years 1725 and 1765. In total there were 27 births generating 69 children. Of the 69 little Valentina, 67 survived infancy.

8. Greater orgy in the world

The biggest orgy had 500 people, 250 women and 250 men. The session was recorded in a pornographic video.

9. Greater vagina world

The biggest pussy in the world belonged to Anna Swan, who lived between 1846 and 1888 and was 2.33 meters tall. Her vagina was 48 cm in circumference.

10. Largest penis in the world

With 45.5 cm erect, the Cuban Yosbany Montalván Santa Cruz is at the top of the rankings, with the biggest penis in the world.


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