Actress Umma Shehu Reveals About Lesbianism In Kannywood


Kannywood actress Umma Shehu become popular for her groundbreaking role in the hit movie “Sa’in’sa”. She is remains one of the most top actresses in Northern Nigeria.

actress umma shehu tell about lesbianism

About Umma Shehu’s acting career

I’m working seriously to become a film producer someday. In fact, that is my next line of action. But for now it is my dream to become a superstar actress. I’m yet to attain the level I want to be to in Kannywood. But to become sincere with you as soon as I get to that level I’ll surely resign and train younger actors.

About Lesbianism In Kannywood

I have in no way been in the work nor have I ever find any lesbians in Kannywood. tales and rumors of lesbian abound in Kannywood, however. The truth is several of my peers are rumored being lesbians having stated which I’m unaware of them.


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