Madonna Offers Oral Sex To Vote For Hillary Clinton


58-year-old Madonna gets radical in its campaign of support for Hillary Clinton : promised oral sex as a reward men who vote for the former secretary of state.

madonna blowjob

The queen of pop had already expressed support for Clinton with messages in social networks, with a video in which the two dance together, and even a topless on Instagram . But this time it has done before a packed auditorium of the public, the Madison Square Garden in New York.

The singer made her announcement after presenting controversial comedian Amy Schumer

Well, I’ll go and marching because someone much more fun than me about to step on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you , however , that something else before submitting this genius of comedy. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I do oral sex. I promise I’m very good. And I’m good! … I’m not a fool and I take my time, I look into your eyes and drink ,” she said.

Madonna Offers Blowjob To Vote For Hillary Clinton

During a TV show comedian Amy Schumer at Madison Square Garden in New York, the provocative Queen of Pop backed Hillary, before their third and final debate before his election opponent, Republican standard-bearer and no less controversial Donald Trump .



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