Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Secret To Walk Braless


Kendall regularly shows her boobs in the media. The model revealed on his website as adapt fashionable “braless”.

Kendall Jenner braless

Kendall Jenner likes to show her boobs and the world makes her well. But the top model has generously decided to give us her secrets to having a chest always on top, even without wearing a push-up bra.

Kendall trend and “Braless”

Kendall Jenner has never been very shy regarding her chest, and she is right! On its website, it says that it ” sees no problem being braless ” adding that she found its cool most and I have really nothing to do! It’s sexy, it’s comfortable and I like my breasts. That’s it! “.

But not everyone can afford to walk without tack in all tranquility. The huge boobs will struggle to assume the new trend “braless”. Breasts that move, that fall and that hurt the back, some of the bra is mandatory! Fortunately, Kendall Jenner reveals his secret and it even works busty!

The body, this miracle goods

For Kendall, not 36 solutions: ” the best way not to wear bra ?” The combination. The young woman has been seen numerous times wearing combination but beware, no matter how. Best friend Gigi Hadid advise you to buy them tight to your chest does not leave in any direction and as so aptly Kendall: ” They hide my post-pizza belly or they serve as bra, they prove that fashion can be functional . ” To your credit cards!


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