Tanya Willis Banned From Ride Colossus Cause Her Huge Boobs


British woman Tanya Willis was taken from the roller coaster Colossus at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England, on the grounds that her boobs were too huge and would not fit under the safety bar of attraction.

tanya willis huge boobs

“I’m not fat, but the bars and safety seats are not designed for women with huge boobs. They should realize that not everyone has a cup B. Some of us are bigger than that,” fumed the 22-year-old woman the newspaper “the Mirror”.

A busty British woman banned from ride roller coaster Colossus at Thorpe Park

Tanya, who has a son complained of humiliation to be drawn from the roller coaster: “It was really embarrassing to have been taken out of a ride and make a shame walk through all the people who were in the queue He ruined my day and not. even I was offered a refund. ” Entrance fee at the amusement park is 28.99 pounds (about US $ 115).

If nothing else the embarrassment, the woman tried to go to another ride called Rush, but again heard that could not enter because her boobs were too big.

A Thorpe Park spokesman asked Tanya to contact the amusement park, but added: “We will not allow a person to have their own security compromised on the sidewalk All restrictions must be fulfilled We boards restrictions in each.. attraction”.


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