Female Masturbation : 7 Most Common Mistakes


Female masturbation has always been a taboo subject, and is therefore – for the little knowledge that they have about their own body – it becomes much more difficult to reach orgasm for most women.

female masturbation

Knowing the body helps a lot to know which parts excite more, where we like to touch and where we do not like. Thus, the pleasure is appearing alone and enjoy sex becomes much more enjoyable.

The portal Dimitapapers issued a series of tips to know what you’re doing wrong when masturbate and how you can improve to well improve your sex life and know yourself, which it’s very important!

1. Only you do bedtime

You do perhaps to wait some time alone and when you ‘re done all you had to do in the day. However, at that time you just want to sleep and rest. That is why it is recommended to try it in the morning or at noon You’ll see that you ‘ll have much more energy!

2. Cone exercises

These exercises are important for health and sexual life of women. Help prevent urinary incontinence, urinary prevent diseases and help orgasms are longer and pleasurable. Improve pelvic pisco will take only a few minutes a day and you’ll feel better.

3. You have the head elsewhere

It’s true that costs a lot disconnect from the routine or everyday problems. However, you must remember that this is a time just for you and you should use it as such. Give yourself room to concentrate only give you pleasure.

4. Taboos

It’s true that the taboo around female masturbation exists, however, have to take that thought and know enjoy.

5. Your sexuality depends on your partner

Many women believe that while there is only penetration is having sex. You must know that sex was made to be enjoyed alone or with someone, and you should not rely on anyone to feel pleasure.

6. You’re thinking too much about orgasm

It’s very common that women cost them more climax than men and that is an issue that many inferiority complex. While they have sex with their partners focus in coming, but it really does not happen. The same as you masturbate: think long to get that also puts you off. As they say patience is the mother of all sciences.

7. You are touching where you think you should, not where you want

Sometimes with friends or in magazines women think that there are certain parts that are equal for all. That is not like that. All bodies are different and that is why you need to explore. Follow your instincts and touch yourself where you really feel you produce pleasure.


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