Chidinma Okeke Claims Her Lesbian Sex Tape Is Fake


Chidinma Okeke’s lesbian sex tape is surfing online. She won Miss Anambra Title in 2015.

In Video, Beauty queen Chidinma perform solo sex with cucumber after that her female partner come and get over her to give her pleasure.

chidinma okeke sex tape

According Okeke in a report, She claims the surfing sex tape video is fake and photoshoped her face. Or someone look alike of Chidinma Okeke having sex with girl.

Chidinma Okeke reveals she haven’t any sex tape

My focus has been drawn to a concocted picture/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed by using an pre-existing image of people participating amorous carry out via the artwork of photograph shop buying.

This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who occur to be to blackmail me or tarnish my look and promising occupation by displaying me in horrible lights.

Watch Chidinma Okeke sex tape video

I wish to state that the stated picture is clearly not my very own by any broaden of inventive imagination. I’m an extremely responsible person that was assisted deliver up in the family members with extraordinary monitor document. I’m able to for that purpose not subscribe to this kind of act merely just how much much more embark on same .

At the same time We have referred the matter to my lawyer for feasible justice of one’s contributors and civil assert. Please be advised to discountenance the stated picture/ video and reverence it as handy works of detractors. Thanks.


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