Celebrities Who Don’t Hide Their Bisexuality


After centuries of shame, fear and rejection towards homosexuality, now you can see in the media and on the street how society begins to stop stigmatizing those who take this sexual preference.

megan fox bisexual

Now people recognize their sexual tastes with more freedom and less fear that decades ago, when in some cases they were forced to keep a low profile or being “in the closet”.

Being bisexual love or desire involves both men and women, without denying one’s own sex. An US study in 2010, published in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” says that between 3 and 4% of adults identify themselves as bisexual.

Celebrities who never shy to tell us about their bisexuality

Singer Elton John says that “almost everyone is bisexual,” but most prefer not to reveal their preference in public to not affected his image, and therefore fewer who dare to openly admit that they have had a relationship with another person of the same-sex.

However, this is not the case of Hollywood stars. Men and women of show business worldwide decided to put fear aside to freely express their tastes and prove it in photos, interviews and publications on social networks.

Here are some of the artists who have declared openly bisexual and supporting the movement Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI) around the world.

1. Miley Cyrus

The girl Disney .. The singer claims not to fall in love with people because of their gender or sex, but by their essence.

2. David Bowie

Androgynous without penalty .. This British musician pleaded confessed bisexual in 1972. After being addicted to sex.

3. Fergie

Casada and sincere .. Although married several years ago, Fergie says she always attract women.

4. Megan Fox

PĂ­cara doll .. The actress and model said in 2009 that has always been considered bisexual. He says, “is natural”.

5. Billi Joel Armstrong

The indecisive rocker Green Day frontman confessed he has always been attracted to males.

6. Kristen Stewart

proudly “bi” .. Although Kristen prefers to keep a low profile, has been seen wedding with several women.


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