Amber Rose Defends Alicia Machado On Sex Tape


Amber Rose came out in defense of her colleague Alicia Machado, whom the Republican presidential candidate US, Donald Trump accused of having a terrible past.

She even encouraged people to see a “sex tape” of the Miss Universe 1996.

alicia machado sex tape

“Making a video does not make you a less credible person. Whether (Machado) has a sex tape or sleep with a million guys. Everyone has sex. Most people don’t talk about it because they feel uncomfortable,” she said Rose on the judgments made by Trump against Machado. “I don’t judge to do with Melania Trump for (his wife),” she added.

Amber Rose supports Alicia Machado’s sex tape

In an interview published by The Washington Post, the singer and activist spoke about the attitude that punishes women with regard to their sexuality. “I have heard cases of girls dropping out of school to be derided as ‘sluts’. It affects all her life, is an extreme form of intimidation.”

Rose even said that she was stigmatized in her childhood, when a child in school skirt lifted and she ended apologetically. “I went to the manager but made me feel like I was guilty for having put those clothes,” she explained.

Donald Trump is taking the same attitude towards the alleged “sex tape” Machado says Amber Rose. “It makes me insane,” she said.

Alicia Machado, model of Venezuelan origin, involved in the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.


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