Adunni Ade Still Have Plan To Marry Again


The sexiest woman in Nigeria, actress Adunni Ade reveals she still waiting for love and planning to marry again.

adunni ade sexy

The stunning actress, she mother of two kids said she never give up of seeking love and still wishes to get married again.

Adunni Ade – I’m big sucker for love

“I haven’t eradicated matrimony. I’m just a significant sucker for love. With all the issues I have seen before, you might think I would individually give up love however I’m a huge sucker for love. Currently, I’m just consuming my time. I’m just centering on myself and my children and my profession. However I couldn’t say never to love like and married life.”

With children 9 and 5 and , from her prior partnership, Adunni also spoke on the new existence her youngsters are adapting to in Nigeria.

“I brought my children back from the States. Who maintained them? Wasn’t I the one? I can’t leave my children in the state. I’ll be merged but in relation to my kids, I think the Naija part of me. Their father has no concerns by utilizing it. They’ve been right here with me for nearly 3 years and they adore it.”


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