Actress Adokiye Kyrian Claims She Is Still Virgin


Beautiful and sultry Nollywood actress Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne claims she is still virgin at age of 25. In an interview she was reveals that she’s virgin at age of 23. In this two year nothing change about her virginity.

adokiye kyrian yvonne hot and sexy

According Adokiye, She get daily basis job, some require should clean her sexuality. Some said her she should tell the world she’s lesbian better than claim she’s virgin.

Adokiye Kyrian I’m Still Virgin so don’t call me lesbian

Lots of criticism she receive about her sexuality seems to be hitting Adokiye hard, Especially when people claim she refuse to marry with opposite sex and tagged her as a lesbian.

Kyrian said : Many people tagged me as a gay but I don’t blaming them. It’s really not to easy to found a virgin beautiful girl as me, not even in this though time. The naked truth is I love guys and I adore them. I do cherish them and they respect me so much.

But the problem of mine is I haven’t found special someone yet, to give my heart and body. It’s don’t meant I’m lesbian or gay or what else.



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