Yinka Adewale Unveils Causes Of Sexual Harassment In Nollywood


Nigerian former beauty queen and actress Yinka Adewale said “financial problems” is one of the major issue of Sexual Harassment In Nollywood.

actress Yinka Adewale sexual Harassment

If she has ever been sexually abused, she said that during interview.

In her latest interview with Punch Media on Sunday, Sept 3, 2016, Adewale said that making a movie is better than be a part of featuring a project by other movie producer.

The necessity to search for work may result in personal harassment, according to the actress who appears to be now a film manufacturer.

“No, I actually have by no means been sexually harassed but harassment can be a product or services of financial obstacles.”

You will not will need to go and plead with any person besides you happen to become soliciting to get a function as they don’t know you however., “Must you not have financial constraint”

“Because of this you need to start your own movie, get other incredible famous actors to feature in it plus it would boost your profile being an actor.”

She shared her powerful belief that getting support to get a movie endeavor usually will arrive in a price, because you will find circumstances of masculine sponsors demanding for something in trade.

“Obviously, absence of fiscal assistance may result in a celebrity going through sexual harassment.”

“Whenever you really need a recruit for your job and also you also technique some men, they may not assistance you apart from they might be acquiring some factor in trade.”

Her quest to discovering into movie creation has not been with no expense.

The celebrity who may be at present researching Theater Arts on the University or school of Lagos, stated that she has already set up to overlook scholastic activities on some situations as a results of requirements of her task.


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