Vivian Okyere Claims She Never Have Sex With Producers For Get Role


Ghanaian actress Vivian Okyere, who famous for her big butts in movie industry. Recently she talks about her roles and nudity in movies.

vivian okyere sexy curves and big butts photos

In an interview with Nii Boye , Vivian has revealed that she’ll not act nude in movie.

According to Okyere, she said no if  offered a role for sex and she’ll never have sex with a producer for a movie role.

Vivian Okyere was said her butts help her career

The star “Megye Wo Girl” movie said she will reject to act in movie if there expecting act nude. The idea of flaunting naked body front of camera it’s disgusted her very much.

She also revealed that her mother is one of the main reason for she say no go nude in movies.

Vivian Okyere said, “I would never strips nude in movies, not even if they offer me $100,000. I respect my modesty and moreover, I don’t want to make my mother  sad or regret having daughter as me.”

Vivian Okyere is most comfortable taking on roles that require her to be sorrowful.


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