Teacher Admits Dating And Sex With 17-year-old Student


A state judge of Iowa, in the United States, called on Thursday (16) the arrest of a former teacher who admitted having sex with a student, 17, during the period in which she taught to high school classes at a local school earlier this year.

Mary Beth Haglin - teacher sex with student

Teacher Mary Beth Haglin, 24-years-old, became stuck in July but got permission to respond to the prosecution of sexual exploitation in freedom. One of the conditions for this, however, was that she could not meet the young student – what would have happened. Now, to get rid of the prison, Mary will have to pay bail of $ 6,500.

Mary Beth Haglin maintained relationship with 17-year-old student for about six months.

The case between teacher and student occurred between January and May. In an interview with the American TV show “Inside Edition,” Mary assured it was seduced by the teenager who wrote romantic tickets to it.

Teacher Mary Beth Haglin sent prison for having sex with 17-year-old student

“He came into my classroom, picked up a paper, wrote something, stuck on my desk and left,” said the teacher. In the note, the message: “I love you too, my empress.”

After some ‘love letters’ the young student, Mary proceeded to send to selfies student wearing lingerie. The teacher says he fell in love with the boy and admitted that the two began to have sex almost daily in his car in the parking lot of a public park.

The dating only stopped when another school student Mary taught denounced the teacher to local authorities, as reported portal British “Daily Mail”.

The judgment of the teacher is scheduled to take place on 14 November. If convicted, the teacher may fulfill penalty of up to two years in prison.

This week the young teacher apologized “for the suffering caused” and said he regrets having a thought that day was a “real relationship”. “It was a terrible mistake to think that this could have been kept secret,” said Mary to “Inside Edition.”

Once the case was discovered, Mary was dismissed from the school where he met the teenager. The direction of the educational institution has come to establish an internal inquiry to investigate the case, but could not find evidence that the relationship has unfolded within the school itself.

The new arrest warrant was issued just after the placement of the interview with Mary to American TV. An unusual detail about the reunion of the teacher and the student draws attention: the student has just completed 18 years of age and, today, there would be no problem in the relationship.


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