Gifty Osei – Most Of Gospel Artistes Don’t Understand The Showbiz


The gospel musician, Gifty Osei believes some gospel musicians do not understand the showbiz industry so well therefore a minus for them.

Gifty Osei hot selfie

As a gospel artist, I going to the studio for recording I always pay the fees. And I also pay the other people who write songs for me personally aside from the types I produce myself personally.

Gifty Osei claims most gospel artists don’t know the showbiz so well.

Once again, I choose the services from the different instrumentalists such as the guide bassist, keyboardist, guitarist who help me to with my live performances which is actually a frequent practice of the gospel artists.’

The brand she going to project should be on point and that it should not be negatively slated from the public, according to her.

She caused it to be magnificent it’s all about cash if one wants to become a star. She trusts that most the money that has been capitalized in her ought to be worth the cost.

“Business takes on an essential role in the industry which needless to say should be a money-making system apart from ministering to spiritually affect lives.”

She cautioned pastors to pay them when they bill them for programs since they are shelling out a great deal inside their profession.

She believes the Bet is all about prediction of great brand and hard work which she is resolute to achieve.


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