Photos : Emma Take Down Her Explicit Private Nude Pics


Actress Emma Watson’s lawyers sent a legal notice to publisher website for take down her private naked photos.

emma watson see through

The Harry Potter actress has let her lawyer write a letter to a website that puts online the spicy snapshots.

The site “Celeb Jihad” had published a few photos of the Hollywood star, best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series. The site replace her nude photos with braless see-through photos.

Emma Watson claims to delete her private leaked nude photos

According to a statement by the plaintiff and her lawyers, Emma had posed for her stylist and therefore the images were private, no right therefore to publication by many magazine and newspaper.

Emma Watson naked Photos leak is next target of 4chan hacker

The lawyers of the actress have therefore sent a letter with a very explicit content, and have obtained the removal and deletion of these images, reminding editors that the images are of Emma assets and not be published.

Emma Watson has achieved the removal of the images as soon as the letter was received by the editors of the famous online magazine.

Fans have been able to “enjoy” those shots only briefly and apparently someone today is really sad.


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