Emem Isong Don’t Know About Sexual Harassment In Nollywood


Top Nigerian filmmaker Emem Isong, give her opinion about sexual harassment occur in Nollywood industry.

producer Emem Isong

In recent interview with Encomium, the producer given her opinion on sexual harassment in Nollywood. When asking her that producers demand sex from upcoming or new comer actress and she reply:

I do not know about that, I’m not saying it does not exist and I would not know what can be done.

As outlined by her, “I possess the sector is enhancing, nevertheless factors appear to be somewhat decreased because there’s alter. It truly is a worldwide stage.

All issues are turning into much more digital, motion photos are increasingly becoming streamed on-line. CDs are increasingly becoming solid but I guess it is the modify that is so that it’s look like it can be collapsing. The situation is basically improving.

Emem Isong Don’t know sexual abuse in Nollywood industry

“We are profitable prizes and making much more money, all those are successes. People must rest up and do greater videos. We ought to work in the direction of distribution as well. It could be improving.”

In her thoughts on what this present administration can carry out to maneuver the market forward, she said, “I continuously talk about piracy. I believe in syndication. Plenty of cinemas have sprang up every so often.

It’s really not the obligation of federal authorities to build cinemas but making recommendations that are favorable to marketers and traders. The more cinemas we now have, the more cash we might make in the market.


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