Nollywood Actress Using Her Big Boobs To Get role in movie


Up rising Nollywood busty actress Bolaji Ogunmola reveals in her latest interview that her big boobs help her to get role in movie.

bolaji ogunmola big boobs

Bolaji Ogunmola success to make a place on Nollywood by her good acting skills and versatile roles. She is one of the famous actress in Nollywood industry.

She pretty lately granted interviews with all of the News Guru exactly where by she spoke on plenty of issues. She was inquired if she can really feel terrible with reference towards the unfavorable critique she obtained as being a consequence of her entire boobs and she replied: “I don’t feeling terrible on account of one’s judgment fails to determine exactly where by I’ll. I was formerly fairly annoyed as well as agitated.? just prior to?

Bolaji Ogunmola’s big boobs help her to getting role in movie

“My torso is definitely an component of me and will not disappear totally so I should adapt to it and remain self-confident together with it.

Issues I really feel secure in is exactly what I gown in. I admiration your extremely own viewpoint however it is not a couple of things I think about as soon as i make my option.”

“I have turn out to be work based on my real physical traits merely because in the event you are supplied a task you’ll find real physical characterizations to be searched out for. So, certain, I’ve.”


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