5 Best Actresses In Perfect Sex Scene “Stage”


The staged sex scenes are always complicated for women, they first because they are usually the center of attention and second why not just do the scene itself, with all the faces, mouths and physical performance required, but usually this is to be done unclothed.

5 top Hollywood actresses in perfect nude sex scene.

Still some actresses can always deliver sex scenes staged that make you believe what is being displayed on the screen, and leaves everything looking fake and mounted. We decided to list some actresses and their perfect sex scenes. Check out:

Emmy Rossum – Shameless

Emmy Rossum Shameless sex scene

The series of dramatic comedy Showtime is a success on American TV, and whether the actress Emmy Rossum , who besides being one of the highlights of the series, which has already shown that it has no problem in performing sex scenes so more realistic and intimate for her role. Proof of this is that some of its sex scenes have been chosen among the most memorable American TV.

Charlize Theron – Reindeer Games

Charlize Theron sex scene

One of the best actresses in the world, Charlize Theron has shown he can do absolutely everything in the scene, and when he had to perform a sex scene with Ben Affleck she dismissed a body double and went to the scene, naked and without fear, for deliver a beautiful scene. Charlize Theron still repeat the good performance in sex scenes in movies like the Cider House Rules and Devil’s Advocate .

Lizzy Caplan – Masters of Fri and True Blood

Lizzy Caplan nude sex scene

Among the Hollywood filmmaker named Lizzy Caplan is always on the roles that call for intense sex scenes, and the fame of the actress is no wonder, since it needs no body double, not afraid to strip and interpret a scene exactly as requested, and the result can be seen in several compelling scenes is on TV or in theaters.

Rooney Mara – Millennium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara nude sex scene

The model Rooney Mara made some cameos in films and series, to be cast in the American adaptation of Millennium , which made them afraid fans, but after giving up all vanity to the paper, the model proved to be a great actress to deliver an extremely convincing sex scene with Daniel Craig . The actress proved that does not hide in sex scenes and repeated the dose in the drama Carol .

Halle Berry – The Last Supper

Halle Berry nude sex scene

US $1 million extra cache, this is the value that the actress Halle Berry asked for the scene to be displayed in the film, but after recording the scene the director Marc Forster had no doubts and asked the studio extra money, since he thought that there was like a scene so well staged stay out of the film. The scene in question is convincing and the performance is even more remarkable when you learn that it was the first recorded between the actress and Billy Bob Thornton .

And you remember any actress who made a sex scene that left you with questions if it was really staged? Let there in the comments, maybe we do a part 2 of the list.


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