10 Reasons Why Selena Gomez Is The Queen Of Instagram


Do not post anything new since he announced her temporary retirement to devote herself to the battle against lupus.

Yet in the last hours Selena Gomez has managed to break a new record on Instagram: with 100 million followers newly conquered is still the star of the most watched company.

It is also her primacy of photos with more like 5666571 ever. It’s the one you see above.

How does the singer as you like so much? Now I’ll explain. Who knows that you can not draw some lessons to increase the number of your followers.

1. Like he knows to be photographed

It is very popular and this helps a lot, of course, but Selena Gomez seems to also have a natural gift in choosing the poses in which his picture: a mix of innocence and sensuality, which values its strong points, without ever overdoing it.


2. Why has style

It will also help for some image consultant, but Selena Gomez always confirm that you have good taste in fashion: body, shorts and fishnet stockings when in concert, along ultra-feminine for gala evenings. Here it is after her last concert in Las Vegas.


3. Why is (also) Spontaneous

We know: even if they seem perfect and unattainable, even the stars came down from the stage, they are ordinary people. Selena Gomez has no trouble posting photos to prove it natural with super glasses, slippers at home during the Christmas holidays, while preparing to eat with her father.


4. Why has the right friends

And when she is with them, Selena shines even more. For example, this shooting with Brad Pitt, after delivery, in January, the Golden Globes, it seems he did go on a rampage Angelina Jolie. And now that the Brangelina broke out , someone suggested a story between actor and singer.


5. Why is it like us

Be a star of international music does not prevent Selena hanging out with her company, to thank her best friend forever be (Taylor Swift, not just any one, but in the end are the details), to photograph their feet or fresh nails enamel as they like to do all the girls. Everything is documented online and makes them buy points.


6. Why eat!

Not only. Selena also loves junk food: pancakes, hamburgers, milkshakes, ice cream. In short: sometimes an exception to the rule can be done. The next time you feel guilty for having forgotten the diet, remember that even the famous surrender at the table.


7. Why is self-confident

She is not afraid to show it. For the cover of her latest album, Revival, she posed completely naked. “This year I put on weight and have been targeted for my body – she explained -. I chose this photo also to make it clear to those who have criticized me that I do not care about what they think. ” An example to follow.

Selena Gomez naked

8. Why is sexy

Which, not deny it, like always. But Selena can never lapse into the vernacular. Look, for example, this photo in costume published at the end of June. It has conquered nearly 4 million “likes.” And it always comes back to what we said: the girl knows how to be photographed.


9. Why is the joke

Mark Zuckerberg, for example, has managed to make her sit in an office “very unusual” because in miniature. And in this location she enjoyed a lot to talk about work “with the boss’: he, in addition to being the head of Facebook, is also to Instagram, a company acquired in 2012.


10. Why loves children

Enough to call them “my children, my second family.” As Aunt is really perfect: pamper them, make them play, it makes them sit with her at the piano. And when a young fan with any health problems expressed a desire to meet her, she does everything to please them.



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