What Is Better, To Have Sex After Drinking Alcohol Or After Smoking Weed?


According to this study, smoking cannabis prior to a meeting of casual sex is much safer to do it and enjoy it while intoxicated.

sex and weed smoke

It is a fact that much of the sexual encounters that occur in the world, especially among young people, are accompanied by some alcohol or, in some other cases, marijuana. Substance use uninhibited people, encourages them to break cultural barriers or makes them less selective. But beyond what are the reasons for this phenomenon, a study by the University of New York devoted itself to determine which is more convenient between two possibilities: having casual sex with someone after drinking or after using marijuana.

The study, on which reports the Washington Post , determined that marijuana is much better companion than alcohol casual sex. Here we present the reasons for this conclusion:

– Alcohol led many people to sleep with strangers; not weed.

– The drunken sex was accompanied by feelings of regret and shame after the act; sex under the influence of cannabis no.

– Sex with alcohol can lead to feelings of dizziness and discomfort, while some marijuana suffered from lack of concentration.

– The most pleasurable sensations were clouded under the influence of alcohol and intensified with weed.

– Sex while intoxicated proved more risky by the lack of judgment that characterizes him.

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