Video : Teacher Busted Having Sex With Student For Extra Marks


A teacher 65-year-old was caught by the police when he was have sex with one of his students. The incident happened in Colombia.

teacher sex student

The video was shared by Seguimiento site and it can be seen the police surprised the teacher in underwear. The student also appears in the images.

Teacher busted performing sex act with student in an abandoned house.

In the video high school teacher of the Rosary girls School shown in lingerie next to the girl in an abandoned house.

The father of the victim could not avoid hitting the teacher after witness the act and handcuff him.

The man had been reported earlier by another student, which meant that the police were attentive to his movements and was surprised.

According the the teacher could convince the students to have sex in exchange for better grades.

The authorities fear that the situation has repeated with many other students.



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