UNIOSUN Lecturer Alleged Of Video Sex Tape With Student


The Department of Languages and Linguistics lecturer of the Osun State University, Ikire Campus, Dr. Wale Ojoniyi is recently alleged of having sex with 400 level English female student and the video sex tape has been released.

Simulated photo
Simulated photo

The female student Mercy Ikwue, who released video clip the over 30-minute, filmed it in a hotel room.

Some of student claims the lecturer has been raped the female student in hotel room but real sex footage wasn’t captured in this video tape.

Osun State University Lecturer alleged of sex tape video with female student

But in this video show lecturer not force her for sex the student co-operated with him to make the sex tape.

It’s look like string operation to unveiled the lecturer have sex with several student for give the extra mark.

In this video tape, which was also supplied towards the correspondent, the female student established up a laptop particularly opposing bed and pretended to be viewing the “Things Tumble Apart” movie on to it but she was recording the sex video.

Naija lecturer is suffering sex video scandal with UNIOSUN female student

Although there was no consider action of sex grabbed within the video tape, the man inside the video clip was noticed stark nude and caressing every student sometimes.

Inside the video clip, Ikwue was noticed tossing her azure top about the mattress from an viewpoint she recognized the electronic camera could not include. She also assured the cam unsuccessful to capture her when she eradicated her trousers.

She wore her very best with the entire 34-moment time period of the video and used the bedsheet being a wrapper.

The guy arrived at the bed nude oblivious from the snare set for him and dangled his manhood through the entire present.

The sound excellence of the video clip was bad but a few of the discussions can nonetheless be noticed.

the female college student mentioned at some point, “Give me my carry. I am not requesting every other cash, just produce my carry fare.

“Why is the factor (personal component) decreasing such as this, haven’t you done it in latest time.

“Before I continued suspensions, why did not you plead on my own behalf? You understood about this joo.”

Ojoniyi when requested by our correspondent If he was conscious of the video stated he experienced heard about it.

He explained, “I also heard about the video. It really is becoming looked into.”

Requested if he thought that the video had been a handiwork of those that may want to deliver him lower, he explained, “ Individuals can perform anything at all, having said which i cannot be introduced lower.”


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