Sex In Movies – 5 Stars Confidences On These Sometimes Annoying Scenes


If the sex scenes often appear sensual and steamy on-screen, the backstage reality is different. It is indeed not always easy to feel comfortable in a situation a prior rather intimate facing a camera crew. Five stars confide these sometimes awkward moments.

teen sex scene

Dakota Johnson : If fans were quick to fantasize about the erotic scenes of ” 50 Shades of Grey “, the heroine revealed behind the scenes on the set of the Today Show: ” This is not a situation romantic. it’s more technical, it is question of choreography … it’s really a job to do! ” For his part, Jamie Dornan had confessed to the Swiss newspaper Le Matin : ” The worst was the loincloth which is used in cinema today I feel like my tablet package into a small bag. . and all that well hung to avoid the risk of accident … ”

ChloĆ« Moretz : Aged only 17 during the shooting of ” If I stay ,” the young actress had to shoot the sex scene of the film in front of his mother, as she had told Elle US in 2014. Minor to time, ChloĆ« Moretz had, indeed, the obligation to be accompanied by his legal representative on the board to play this kind of scenes. She explains: ” Of course it was weird because my mother and my family were on set .” And to clarify, in more general terms: ” It will always be annoying because you have the team members looking at you in your underwear with a guy. ”

Awkward or annoying sex scene in movies

Robert Pattinson : The shooting of ” Maps to the Stars ” have not always been easy for the old Twilight actor. A scene of company in sex Julianne Moore in particular gave him literally cold sweat, as he confided in the columns of Heat magazine last year: ” It was so hot in Toronto, and it is one of those people .. .It does not sweat at all. But I sweat like crazy. And I literally tried to catch the drops of sweat to keep from falling on his back. ”

Kristen Stewart : The old Twilight star has had the opportunity to return to the famous saga of the sex scene, the production hoped to be ” the most epic of all time, (…) transcendent and supernatural ” . Asked by Harper’s Bazaar, the actress had thus delivered to a much different version: ” It was like, ‘How are we going to live up to that?’ It was a long agony. And that’s a shame, because I wanted so much that it sounds good. ”

Henry Cavill : The Superman interpreter, it seems, took a little too much fun during a daring scene of “Tudors”. The actor, in fact, told the website Men’s Fitness having an erection during filming: ” A girl should be on me, it was a huge chest and I did not put my gear in a safe position it. literally rubbed and uh, it’s become a bit hard . ” Discomfort of time.


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