Lack Of Sex Affects Breast Health


The lack of sex can affect women’s breasts , he revealed a study by the International Institute.

boobs lack of sex

According to the investigation, because the breasts have nerve connections , not having sex can affect the health and fitness of these. Among the main effects are:

Lose firmness

Because breasts are not stimulated, the skin tissue is losing firmness and therefore becomes more flaccid and even flexible. The skin contact and hands the couple help him to stand firm breasts and there is proper circulation of blood.

Decreases sensitivity

Lack is sex and breast stimulation also causes women do not reach orgasm through this area . It is known according to several investigations, which in most cases women get to experience more excitement when your partner touches her breasts.

Decreases in size

The excitement that occurs during sexual intercourse causes the breasts to swell , this effect can make the bust look for an hour with a much larger size.

Increases cancer risk

A study published by the Journal Medical Hyphoteses showed that women who have sex at least once a week have a lower risk of cancer , specifically breast cancer.


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