Kylie Minogue Is Joy And Sex


Since announcing their engagement last February after five months of dating, the couple formed by singer Kylie Minogue (48) and actor Joshua Sasse (28) has not stopped offering samples of love that unites them.

Kylie Minogue

So much so, that the interpreter takes every opportunity to get in praise for his future wife, with whom he has reached a level of complicity that makes her something truly “magical” relationship.

“I love her, so. As everyone who knows her can attest, it is an incredible source of joy. It’s magic, is illusion, joy and sex, “said the young actor told The Mirror.

The affection and admiration felt by the artist Joshua know no limits, since even the twenty years that separate them are an obstacle so that both can enjoy their idyll factly. The actor Kylie found in the form of “feel alive every day.”


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