Kanye West Compares Kim Kardashian With Marie Antoinette


Kanye West is very proud of his wife Kim Kardashian. He even compares to a historical figure. The problem is that the reference is a little … unsettling.
Kanye West Kim Kardashian Marie-Antoinette

Too often faced with rumors of tensions , Kanye West is lacking in reality little chance to say all the good he thinks his wife Kim Kardashian.

In an interview with the famous Harper’s Bazaar magazine , in which the couple spoke in turn to be complimentary to the place of the other, the creator of The Life Of Pablo still gave proof of his admiration. He stated to journalist Steven Gan: “My wife is the embodiment of change in fashion creators would not have even left him a seat on their parade, but they now realize fully its forms based on collections..”

Kanye West explain kim is modern Marie Antoinette

Far from stopping there way, the singer was subsequently offered a comparison for the less adventurous. “It’s very funny for Kim to be photographed as she represents the modern Marie Antoinette She Hairdo and makeup every day, not just when there is a session of shooting pictures You know why…? for it is a daily photo-shoot! ”

Obviously some listening during history lessons at school, Kanye West reference did not fail to react. Certainly Marie Antoinette is sometimes recognized as being a tidy person, and very sensitive to disturbances from outside. However, his tragic end might have been able to put a slight doubt with Kanye West. Yes, maybe … but ultimately no!


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