Ebube Nwagbo : I’m Comfortable With Who I Am


Nigerian sultry actress Ebube Nwagbo don’t shy to flaunts her curves on camera. Earlier she was posed topless and cover her boobs with hair.

Ebube Nwagbo cleavage

Actress Ebube Nwagbo shared lots of cleavage baring photos on Instagram.

She established jealousy amongst stars and actresses as becoming a element that is ensuing in the pitfall within the company.

The 33-year-old celeb said star Gist she cares a lot less about individuals who dislike her for no purpose.

In accordance with her, “I don’t merely have time for anybody. Beefing is about inferiority and envy complex. I’m comfortable with who I’m, I do not imitate or wish to be like anybody.

“Somebody accessible would really like to remain in your footwear, consequently they try every thing easy to enable you to definitely get straight down. My advice directly to them is being does not shell out, its better you give your very very best on you to in the end be much better.

Ebube Nwagbo topless

“In an enterprise where by girls control, precisely what do you foresee? Apart from this sort of beefs and issues could make just one want to carry on to work harder on oneself to be surface area of them, however it’s in the end creating the issue of one’s sector, nonetheless it will maintain you continuing and focused.

“As in my view, I by no means require to become like anyone am much more comfy with who I’m just. The market is definitely a sizeable place, therefore i by no means begin to begin to see the objective we should to be stopping our personal selves. But is happen in anywhere you discover people, we are aggressive by nature. It is just almost everywhere, not just Nollywood.

“Beefing is almost everywhere. Somebody available, don’t even like the fact that you are alive and breathing. Few with my business, I understand many people dislike me for being who I am. But come to consider it, if everyone just like you, then there’s some thing you are doing right. I don’t anticipate everyone to love me.

“Some are intimidates with who I am, I do not treatment. As long as they do not stand on my way. Everybody must not like Ebube; it’s as easy as that,” the Anambra condition-given birth to actress added.


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