Randy Couple Filmed Having Sex In Park On Broad Daylight


Public sex seems to be the trend these days; not only in the real world but in cyberspace. This is demonstrated in a video released WhatsApp .

sex in German park

Anyone can record what other in broad daylight; only you need a mobile phone. Usually, for these scenes there is no censorship.

Filmed on cell phone Couple having sex in German park

Just over a week ago, a Dominican couple was caught having sex from outside a corporate office. The silhouette of a man and a woman is clearly seen from the window. An individual who passed through the area while playing Pokémon Go , realized what was happening and recorded.

The clip, after being shared on WhatsApp , went viral.

The most recent case proves the audacity of lovebirds was reported in a park in Berlin , Germany .

The images that transpired two days ago on the site LiveLeak show a couple unclothed from the waist down having sex on the lawn.


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