Couple Caught In Sex Act During Play Pokemon Go


Three brothers who left at night in London looking for Pokémon were not expecting what they were going to find.

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In a city park, where the older sister, 24, found a Charmander, the trio also saw a couple having sex. It did not seem bothered by the presence of the family.

Gamer found a naked couple having sex in public during play Pokemon Go

Lauren, along with his brothers 20 and 14, saw the couple – he just purple boxers while the woman was completely naked.

naked public sex

And did not believe “We were walking in Black heath Common when my brother asked me if was there a naked woman I thought it was one. joke, “says the young woman, quoted by the Sun .

As they approached they realized it was real. “The couple did not seem bothered by the public that was around,” adds Lauren.


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