Celebrities Confess To Having Had Sex On A Plane


From Kim Kardashian , through John Travolta , to Liam Nesson , they are part of the stars reveal their innermost secrets and adventures to thousands of meters above sea level, on a plane.

celebrity sex in plane

Chris Brown meanwhile confessed: “I had sex on a commercial flight, being in first class, I and my partner we covered us with a blanket and we did …” .

The famous actor and airplane pilot, John Travolta , revealed: “… I closed the car door and I started to have a good time with my wife (Kelly Preston)” .

Stars admit they had sex in plane

True, it is one of the most recurrent fantasies thousands of people around the world. Very recently from ARG News we published the case of new regional airlines that promote and provide sex service in the air, so, many couples can fulfill their dream. See note: Having sex on a plane is now possible .

And if fantasies, is Cara Delevingne recently confessed: “I have had sex a lot of times going by plane, have always caught me, it is very difficult to do without others realize.”

Of course, a plane no longer a means of transport, where travel dozens of people all close together, and places for privacy are rare, perhaps a bath, maybe one sector class, or use of a flight night. The truth is that little by little each time more famous confess their fantasies fulfilled.

Kim Kardashian , a little more subtle, said: “Yes, I did, but never on a commercial flight or a short” .

A list add: Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and Miranda Kerr among others.

In Argentina, yet no one admits having done so, at least if famous personality is, but surely not lack who gets to tell their secrets soon.


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