Ariel Winter Shares Semi-Nude Photos


As usual, Ariel Winter loves exposing her curves on social networks. While she was granted a break with girlfriends at a spa, a picture of her in a bathing suit has once again aroused the enthusiasm and debate.

Ariel Winter semi nude selfie

In recent months, Ariel Winter plays it a little Miley Cyrus and wishes to let us know that it has become a real woman.

If some find it hard to recognize, it is indeed the brunette girl with glasses who played the little sister of Sarah Hyland in Modern Family. Unrecognizable as she grew up, we must say that puberty has literally transformed into bomb and all just 18, the young woman is sexier than ever .

Ariel Winter shared another sexy semi nude bathsuit selfie

Last year, the actress has even undergone breast reduction as she found her impressive chest. More comfortable with her body, she does not hesitate to play her femininity and reveal its legendary curves every day on social networks.

Ariel Winter sexy bathingsuit

Weekend in a spa with her best friend, she has held its last wear swimwear. After showing us a little insight into his collection of bikini , this time, it’s one-piece swimsuit that Ariel took the pose. A yellow swimsuit plunging neckline and detail in clear relief on the belly.

Immediately, users were divided into clan: One attaches to say that is spicy brown bomb and the room will delight him, others are meanwhile convinced that she is pregnant and tries camouflage with this horrible shirt …


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