When Sex Becomes An Addiction


Want to have sex is a very natural and more when you’re with your partner, but if you are unable to control your behavior and you can’t ignore that idea from your mind, then you could have a problem of addiction that can damage your life .

Sex addiction

The sex addiction better known as hypersexuality , is characterized by wanting to increase the frequency of sex and be irritable when interrupted, which can cause difficulties with the couple, family, social or economic environment.

5 Ways to identify the Sex addiction

Psychologist and sexologist Cristina Prieto, belonging to the Association of Psychologists of Madrid, indicates that this behavior shares similar to those of symptoms addictions substances as wanting more relationships, uneasiness when decrease relapse after a period of deprivation and various mood swings when not given.

Among the causes that originated them , the specialist mentioned the following:

  1. Dopamine deficit
  2. Lack of self
  3. Impulsiveness
  4. Sensation seeking
  5. Social isolation
  6. Having been abused in childhood
  7. General emotional distress
  8. Soled-ad effective
  9. Great exposure to pornographic material

A study by the University of California and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed some consequences of sex addiction.

  1. Sexual desire is uncontrollable and dominates the emotions and thoughts
  2. Excessive consumption of pornography
  3. repeated encounters with anonymous partners
  4. Paying for impulsive and repetitiveness
  5. Lack of sex to assess the risks and contracting sexually transmitted diseases

“The conduct is no longer carried out for pleasure but to avoid the discomfort of not carrying it out,” he says.

Therefore, many people have aggressive or destructive just to reduce their nuisance behavior. The more that desire, greater satisfaction and guilt is mitigated.


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