Filmed Two Girls Caught Perform Sex Act On A Old On Hotel Balcony


A somewhat robust, peeled and in years Mr. participated in a threesome with two women on the balcony of one of the most exclusive hotels in Chicago : the Waldorf Astoria .

sex balcony

But the fact was not in the privacy: a broad daylight and in sight of all, the man didn’t think it could be recorded by neighbors who were amazed by what they saw.

The incident occurred last Friday at the renowned luxury hotel. A group of young people who watched the scene decided to record the intimate situation and upload to social networks. The video went viral within hours in LiveLeak and was visited by hundreds of thousands of users , according appropriated the English newspaper The Sun .

The building of the Waldorf Astoria is one of the most impressive of Chicago . It has 60 floors and 188 luxury rooms in the Gold Coast , one of the most exclusive One of these suites is that reserved the lucky customer, who visit two girls who accommodated. The cheapest room for one night is worth $ 450 or so.


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