The Transformation Of Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence was born in 1990 in Kentucky (United States) and began her career working in television and independent films.

At the beginning of her career (pictured in 2010) wore a long blond, wavy hair almost always, that her features rounded child. Over time, it has been fast in the Hollywood industry while fearlessly tried various changes ‘look’. The reviewed in images.

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle 10

After only four years dedicated to interpretation, her first major recognition and her first Oscar nomination they came with his performance in the film ‘Winter’s Bone’ in 2010. At that time Lawrence still had her characteristic blond hair and boyish features, but gradually she began to change her wardrobe and care more. In the image on the red carpet at the Oscars 2011.

Differences of Jennifer Lawrence’s hair style

From 2012 he began working in more commercial films. It was the year in which the interpreter dared to try more different things, especially with her hair, while looking for his place in the great Hollywood film industry. During the first months of the year she kept her blond, then changed to red hair and finally to black.

2012 was also the year that became a familiar face and her image began to become popular. Although he had already won over critics with his previous films, his work on the first installment of the saga ‘The Hunger Games’ he went public and became known worldwide.

In introducing the nominees for the Oscars in 2012, Lawrence appeared with red hair. A color that lasted just a few months. That year he won the Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG for ‘The good side of things,’ which starred alongside Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer Lawrence’s hairstyle

With the premiere of the popular ‘Mockingjay’ saga it became idol of many fans who imitated hairstyle Katniss Everdeen, the character that the actress gives life in ‘The Hunger Games’: with hair and dyed black, the character wore a lopsided and disheveled braid. Its popularity generated a lot of web pages and YouTube tutorials to teach their fans to comb as Lawrence.

After five years of changing color in different ways and combing her long hair, in 2013 he decided to become a daring cut ‘pixie’ returning to her natural blonde. It coincided with the recording of the second part of ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Great American scam’, for which he won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and SAG in 2013.

2013, Jennifer Lawrence was already one of the most wanted faces in all red carpets. Short hair and sharpens his features and gives a more sophisticated touch to your image. At that time her look was already one of the most imitated and used to appear among the best dressed of all the events that came.

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The short, blond and with small ripples hair is the style that most comfortable feels the actress, as it is with the longest has been and always returns after completing their stylistic commitments with the characters she plays.

Two years after his dramatic haircut, in 2015 Lawrence was giving the form of ‘bob’. With her natural blonde, keeping the tips up to the chin, slightly longer locks on the front than behind.

On the feast of Vanity Fair Oscars after 2016, Jennifer Lawrence showed a longer hairstyle, a “long bob ‘, parted in the middle, where intermittent bangs disappeared again.

In one of her most recent appearances, in May this year to present her latest film, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, Lawrence released its last change: paraded the ends of her short hair and blond changed gold by a blonde ash, almost white. and still one of the latest trends between ‘celebrities’, as did Taylor Swift recently.


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