Natural Beauty : Mila Kunis Poses Make-up Free


The young mother Mila Kunis appears on the cover of Glamour US magazine. For the occasion, and as Alicia Keys, actress decided to show natural!

Mila Kunis make up free

Mila is equally beautiful with or without makeup and actress proves it on the cover of Glamour US magazine.
At 32, she poses for the August 2016 and covers her face nothing but a serum, an eye cream and lip balm.

Out of his comfort zone, Mila Kunis seems comfortable. In fact, she admits being quite accustomed to “make-up free.”

Mila Kunis shows natural beauty in make up free photoshoot

In her interview with the magazine, she confesses . “I don’t wear makeup .. I wash my hair every day I congratulate the women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put black on the eyes C ‘ is very beautiful, but I’m not that person. ”

Mila Kunis natural beauty

A very nice initiative that singer Alicia Keys has decided to follow it are few. Perhaps is it the new fashion among the stars, who knows? Stay tuned…

And missed all the pictures of Mila Kunis on the cover of Glamour US magazine, it goes right over!


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