Kim Kardashian West’s Hottest Selfies


A body or a simple black swimsuit. What all could have in the closet and that all could afford to buy or wear. But Kim Kardashian the effect is as always sensational. The socialite is super sexy and, thanks to the strict diet that is following, its forms are nothing short of perfect. wasp waist, hips pronounced and enveloping, huge boobs.

kim kardashian huge boobs selfie thumb

The 35 year-old queen of reality TV loves taking selfies and show her hourglass figure. Her body seems designed and clothes can only follow its sinuous curves, soft, but exceptional in their roundness. After the second pregnancy Kim has dieted and it seems that in recent weeks has lost more pounds shaping her silhouette .

The black body seems particularly low-cut (seen her boobs uncontrollable) and high-cut (the fault of the round hips in which it is impossible not to get lost), but after all is within reach of all.

Kim Kardashian is finally coming to the point, after months of hard work . The American reality TV star shared on her Instagram page the amazing results of her post-pregnancy diet . Too sexy in a body signed Worlford, mom and St. North West (3 years and six months) unveiled its curvaceous silhouette, proud of its pest cleavage and legendary diaper. ”

Of fittings before shooting session ,” she wrote in the photo caption on social networks, to the delight of her fans who fun in advance to find out the final outcome of this photo shoot which promises to be scorching.

Kim Kardashian shared massive cleavage sexy selfie

The wife of rapper Kanye West not miss an opportunity to emphasize now that she has found her ideal weight, 54 kilos according to journalists of Daily Mail , thanks to the Atkins diet and sports two daily sessions.

This allowed it to offload some … 32 kilos! The star of the Kardashians , which will make this July 22 an appearance at the club Hakkasan , shared here food routine on her Snapchat account.

“I eat carbs in the morning with the morning fruit ,” said she explained by publishing a photo of his breakfast before sharing another of his lunch, tastier but very healthy, which includes salmon and Brussels sprouts.

Criticized after appearing in the latest video of the artist Fergie, starlet and he wanted to show her fans that her waist is not modified in Photoshop.

Kim Kardashian’s fans have criticized the star after appearing in Fergie’s video, “$ MILF,” which looks like its size is much thinner and have accused her body has changed in Photoshop.

But a few days after partial clip, Kim Kardashian wanted to demonstrate the opposite and posed in a tiny bathing suit, tight. And, to be more convincing, she posted on social networks and diet that follows to obtain a figure that has now.

But few fans in May grumpy have left comments like “can not be likely bathing suit your daughter.”


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