Filmed Couple Has Sex In Public In Belarus


Young couple were filmed in the early hour of the morning having sex on sidewalk in a busy road.

public sex in BelarusPeople are free to love, we all know. In the Paleolithic period, for example, better known as’ Neanderthal ‘, there are two million years BC, the men of Neanderthal, popularly known as cavemen, had the habit of mating when the desire to’ relieve tension ‘happened. No matter the location, or if there was someone watching. If the desire to arise, the sexual act was performed right there .

However, with the advancement of social norms, sex is no longer practiced in public. Although there is no record of the reasons that led to the inhibition of the sex act, for centuries the ‘love’ practiced between two human beings is carried out in a particular way. Away from prying eyes.

Randy Couple filmed performing sex act in broad daylight

However, we can not forget the 70 and the slogan of ‘free love’. Despite the young rebels have sex in public in that decade, the sex in large display environment such as parks and streets, was defined as a critique of a world increasingly violent and without ‘love’. Though the Hippie movement no longer exists, the ‘spirit’ free man proposed by young people of that time, seems to have influenced a Russian couple.

According to information of the Daily Mirror, Saturday (23), residents of Minsk (Belarus), were agreed in the early hours of the morning with the sounds of sexual content from the street. A couple were copulating near the busiest road in the region. Outraged, a resident photographed the event and posted the image on Twitter.

With the next pants to the ankles and wearing only a sweatshirt, the boy was photographed ‘admiring’ the back of the woman who seemed to exercise, if not for the fact also be out of the bottoms of the garment. The scene ended viral on the internet. If they had been caught by the country ‘s authorities, the ‘lovebirds’ love would suffer punishment. They would have to pay a fine.

The episode generated several comments ironical web. A user came to play with the Nike slogan – stamping the sweatshirt the boy. He wrote: “It’s Just”, in reference to the famous phrase of the company. Another added: “You never know when love and passion will hit you.”

Apparently, the couple arrived at the “summit” and left without being pestered. In Brazil, Article 233 of the Criminal Code prohibits obscene act in a public place. The penalty for such conduct varies from three months to one year of imprisonment. Or a fine.


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