Couple Busted Performing Oral Sex Act In Restaurant (Video)


A couple was taped having sex a few meters from a busy street in PhiPhi island in Thailand, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The video show a woman on her knees giving oral sex to a man, while a man is heard are demanding what they are doing.

Drunk couple caught performing oral sex act in Restaurant

The man, who is not seen in the video and speaks English, ask them what they are doing, what they are smoking, what are drinking, warning them to stay where they are because the police are coming.

The man asks where the couple is, what the woman responds that American and Irish man says.

The material was broadcast on the television channel Pattaya and has been published on social networks.

Some Thai tourism websites warn travelers who could be fined up to $ 700, if they participate in a public sex act.


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