10 Things Women Want During Sex But They Keep Quiet


They don’t feel sexually satisfied and yet prefer to keep quiet. Many women keep silent about their husbands because they are afraid of how they can react or come to think if they reveal what they really want in bed: “It is very liberated,” “where or who he is learning that”, “is sick”.

during sex

They don’t speak because their spouses are very chauvinistic and are not ready to listen to their requests. Call-an also because they have grown up in a patriarchal culture where everything related to the male sex predominates and that has led to not express their desires, thoughts and feelings. They were taught to be submissive and complacent.

Silent because the Judeo-Christian culture has had sex as a taboo subject, sinful, restrictions and has been seen as something impure expression of the most basic sexual needs.

The country produced the Decalogue of the most common female sexual desires they keep quiet.

More kisses and caresses

The expectation of women is more focused on feel wanted and loved tenderly. A sexual approach must be accompanied by kisses and caresses the whole body, from head to toe, not centered in the same part. They want to be cherished in their erogenous zones: behind the ear, neck, back, buttocks, legs … and your partner do not walk your body predictably. They need, especially married women, that kisses do not go into the background, since often their husbands believe passionately kissing and steadily over the relationship is more for the conquest or the early years of marriage.

Don’t go straight to the point

Of the most common female complaints this: that men, just initiated the ‘action’, run their hands to bust the tail or genitals of his wife. They want to be accessed in another way: they are told to reassert sentences bonding, some even like the words subidita tone; that make them erotic massage without necessarily involving the genitals; kisses in different areas of the body … She wants more emotional intimacy.

Oral sex

Studies have concluded that 80% of women like to receive oral sex and some don’t ask, thinking that for them is uncomfortable. Often women experience more pleasure in oral sex that penetrative. That’s something many silent by the prevailing patriarchal model, where they are more in terms of providing pleasure to receive it.

Toys and erotic films

The woman needs to be very excited before intercourse and for that we need much foreplay. Hence, many wishing to propose sex toys, but many men feel threatened, for example, with the vibrator and call them, “Am I not enough for you?”. “Don’t I get you?” “Do you need an object to feel good?”. Even many for his lack of sexual education, they cross out sick. It has been recently shown that they are consumers of erotic films that inspire and stimulate.
Stimulation. Over 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Men, in general, very little make this kind of stimulation that is so important for female sexual satisfaction. It’s good that they know that the most sensitive area of the woman is not in the deepest part of the vagina, but in its outer zone, the so-called orgasmic platform (anterior surface of the vagina).

They are not selfish

Not think only of their own satisfaction, many would like to tell their spouses. Many don’t realize is that they need to get excited 10 to 20 minutes. As man can achieve arousal in less minutes (two or three) doesn’t make the foreplay and get to the very quick ejaculation leaving the woman without orgasm and unsatisfied. The woman says a specialist, should have 4 or 5 orgasms before the man has one. If the man has had a quick orgasm has alternatives to satisfy your partner: caress her, make oral or help yourself with toys that are placed in erogenous zones to get her to climax sex.


Women should not feel that autoerotizarse is sinful. It is the best way to recognize your body, your erogenous zones and thus guide your partner on the points where most feel pleasure.

Sex in public places. This desire is not an exclusive order of men, also in some women this is a widespread practice of excitement.

The stop moaning

There are women who want their partners to stop moaning at will because it excites. But let’s not exaggerate, because some men resent exaggerated demonstration that feel pleasure.

They not sleep

Women detest men sleep once they make love. They need a man with a loving behavior at that time. That despite feeling tired, they lose a lot of energy during orgasm caress her, the look, tell pretty phrases, they are interested because she doesn’t feel frustrated.

Discuss the topic


We must build a bond of sincerity that leads them to communicate and view sex as important in the relationship, because love without passion, without rewarding sex, quickly dies.

Preferences. Have a moment in private to discuss their sexual preferences, what they need, how often or environment they need to have a sexual relationship. And issues such as the difficulties faced by the cleanliness: the smells, the shaven in certain areas, excessive bathing or not, etc.


Sexual communication is vital. Everyone has to learn to say what he likes, what he wants, but subtly and see how the other responds. For example, you can say: Love, you who think if we do this …. “or” why not go to a sex shop? What if we buy some oil? ”


It is important to share sexual fantasies as a couple because we need to say what we want without fear that the other feel attacked.

I agreed

You must have a lot of knowledge about their own sexuality, because if you acknowledge your erogenous zones well, if you know what you like and don’t know what will allow and what not.

There are people who end up yielding to the wishes of the other person just to show that he loves her and can end up experiencing sexual violence and not know it.

Sexual violence has to do with what they feel I don’t agree and they are doing on my body, because ultimately my body belongs to me and not the other person.


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