“White Princess” Conquered Nollywood


Nigeria’s Nollywood is measured by the number of productions the second largest film industry worldwide. With amazing careers: A British stewardess currently one of the Shooting Stars in Lagos.

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The paths that lead to film fame, are sometimes amazing, especially in the Nigerian film industry, in Africa commonly called Nollywood. An example is the British stewardess Claire Edun: She introduced in October 2015 video on Facebook, where she talks fluent in pidgin English.

The harsh dialect with short sentences, grammar and slimmed down with a few words of indigenous languages dominates Nigeria’s roads.

The 31-year-old Edun had learned so colored language, south London, in an area with many African residents, where she had lived long with her Nigerian husband Richard.

A friend marked the director Lancelot Imasuen in the comments of the video – and a Skype phone call later the blonde Edun had her first Nollywood star. With the stage name “Oyinbo Princess” ( “the white Princess’) they got into the business.

Experience from an early age

So can understand quite Edun the past few months still have not. She has acting experience since childhood, made in short films. In England she earned with comedy performances extra money, mostly against members of the African Diaspora. Lagos knew them well, here she stepped forward to in comedy clubs. She has participated in the 13-million metropolis over 100 times, it specially swapped routes with other flight attendants. But their walk down the red carpet, as happened a few days ago?

“I have to pinch myself repeatedly,” says Edun on the phone, “which is a bit like a dream.” In Nigeria, it is after the premiere of the feature film “ATM” a few weeks ago one of the few white stars. Their Facebook page has 37,000 Likes, her Instagram account has proud of 32 000 subscribers.

Even in England it has already been asked in shops from fans to share photos. Nollywood is with over 2000 new films in the second largest film industry in the world, after India’s Bollywood. Also in terms of sales of $ 3 billion a year now belongs Nigeria the largest film markets worldwide.

No electricity, no petrol

Eduns Director Imasuen is one of the most industrious in Nollywood, approximately 100 films with predominantly tight budget he has loudly conducts. Often only a few weeks remain for refinancing, then there are too many pirated products on the market to the DVDs still profitable to sell.

And Claire Edun experienced the difficult filming conditions in Lagos. “There was a several days-long power outage,” she says, “we had to rely on generators, but even that gasoline is scarce and expensive.” Even the sometimes lack of lighting did not stop the completed within a few weeks of filming.

“Nigerians always find a way,” says Edun, “and I could present myself as I really I’m.” Lively, friendly, gesturing wildly. And a little noisy.

Your film is currently one of the most successful comedies in Nigeria, where the last extinct in the eighties cinema culture was revived and opened dozens of new cinemas.

The “Oyinbo Princess” plays an English woman who falls in love on the Internet into a man and travels to Nigeria. But this she just wants to get married therefore, to find a way to England for himself and his secret partner. The plan fails because the Briton wants to stay in Nigeria.

Fighting prejudice

With the reality that history had absolutely nothing to do, stressed Edun. Most negative stereotypes about Nigeria were false, the country is so much more than Boko Haram terrorism and recently branded by British Prime Minister David Cameron “corruption of fantastic dimension”.

Of which they sometimes have to convince in the peaceful town of Winchester, who have no respect and Africa before Eduns Nigeria Travel worried browse travel warnings from the Foreign Ministry and the own parents.

The “white princess”, whose shaky mobile videos on Youtube are clicked a thousand times, but can not be stopped. “Lagos is like a second home for me, if one disregards some of the worst driver in the world.

Even the poorest people are incredibly hospitable and kind, “says Claire Edun who wants to fight with their role against the prejudiced perception of the most populous with 180 million population country in Africa. “If we learn anything from this setting, the world would be a better place.”

She’s almost Nigerian as her Nigerian husband who insists only formal English to talk to her and like other than Claire Edun prefer pizza than African dishes.

International recognition

Reich Edun has not yet become, but you’ve got “a decent fee for the first role,” she says. Financially can not keep up with Bollywood or even Hollywood Nollywood, although the top stars can live luxuriously well and thanks to state funding was recently a series of high-quality productions.

Strip as the first published on iTunes Nollywood movie “Anchor Baby” (2010) and especially the on the drama shown Toronto Film Festival “Half of a Yellow Sun” (2013) got international recognition due to its improved quality.

Claire Edun would soon move from their current residence Portsmouth in southern England to Lagos and be “a bridge between black and white.” She has found their niche and is confident that after dozens of interviews in recent weeks soon the next deals will come.

In addition to her film and comedy career she wants to press ahead with the construction of an orphanage.

From all this, but it must still convince her own husband, who is not yet convinced of a move. “No problem,” says the 31-year-old, laughing, “I can be pretty stubborn.”


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