Sex Tape: Do You Dare To Record Yourself In Bed?


Recorded having sex, or make a sex tape, it is one of the erotic fantasies of many people. A practice that never goes out of fashion but can be dangerous .

This is due to the danger that entails today the network, and especially pirates plunder.

filmed sex tape

You are quite the famous who have been victims of hackers who have posted their sexual videos on networks, remember for example Kim Kardashian .

So first of all it is important to be sure the means we use to record us as we can be victims of a hacker to filter the content.

In addition, we must also bear in mind that is not normally want these videos to be viewed by other people, but despite this, they can become a weapon of blackmail of former partners.

Sex Tape can be dangerous

So you see, you feel like a pornstar for a day can have its negative consequences .

Despite the risks, make a sex tape can be really exciting, fun and very erotic. To do this we must keep in mind that the trust is basic; it is preferable to do with someone who already take some time and which we can talk about everything without any subterfuge.

Once spoken and decided, it is better than realize the recording with a special camera and not mobile, as this will not be recorded in the memory.

Hackers waiting for your personal secrete sex tape

Even better, watch the video and then delete it , so that there is no trace and no danger of being hacked.

Another tip is important is that the faces do not appear , because if it is shared difficult to identify people. Once you can clear these points and give free to passion, always having created an atmosphere sexy thanks to good lighting .

Your used imagination and id varying positions , you can even use sex toys that then the videos more entertaining and exciting.


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