Nicki Minaj And Her Massive Cleavage


Meek Mill this weekend made a comeback after more than three months house arrest. The rapper made his debut Friday night in Hollywood.

nicki minaj cleavage

He took his girlfriend Nicki Minaj along to the Playhouse nightclub, to the party ‘Return of Meek Mill.

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TMZ published Saturday images of their arrival. Meek Mill was the last few months at home in Philadelphia with an ankle strap.

He was only allowed to leave his home to do charity work required. Recently, his house arrest was further extended because he had not played enough hours for his community service.

He had committed to the homeless, the elderly and veterans.

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Robert Williams, as the American rapper in everyday life is called, was arrested in 2008 for drug dealing and illegal arms possession.

He was given a prison sentence, but was released early in late 2009. He was sentenced to house arrest because he had violated the terms of his release, including traveling to Los Angeles to see Nicki.


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