Gigi Hadid Send Message Cute for Zayn Malik


When the news broke recently that is already several weeks that Zayn Malik dropped Gigi Hadid. She is still in love with a former member of One Direction ..

Gigi Hadid cute Zayn Malik

The former member of One Direction could not stand their many taken spouts.

However, a source close to the couple assured that tinkering is not excluded: “Zayn and Gigi broke well, but they can just as well get back together tomorrow That’s pretty vague what happens between. them right now. They have had problems recently that include a lack of communication and involvement. ”

One thing is certain, Gigi is still in love the hunk whose solo career is a success.

Indeed, on Snapchat there a few hours, she sent him a too romantic message: “I know this is obvious, but I love you.”
Waiting to see Zayn Malik knocking on his door to get back into his life, the BFF Kendall Jenner still appears as sexy in Los Angeles.

Gigi Hadid stunning

This Friday, the model that the fashion world is hard attended a party organized by Maybelline and unsheathed, for the occasion, a very short and low-cut dress. Story to explain to her beloved: you saw what you loupes.
To discover absolutely all clich├ęs, it goes right over!


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