Common Fears About Sex Between Men And Women


As the old saying goes, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, but may not be as different as we like to think.

Common Fears About Sex

A survey has revealed the 10 most common fears as men and women about sex and highlighted striking similarities.

Whether it is a matter of one night or the first time sleeping with a new partner, sex can be a stressful experience for both.

What if you do not enjoy? If the vision of your cellulite repels them? Not to mention concerns about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

That is why, after a survey by the journal, tried to find out who are thinking men and women.

Top 10 fears of men in sex

  1. Have your partner has a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Let your partner does not have an orgasm or is not satisfied.
  3. Break condom. Which could result in an unwanted pregnancy.
  4. Squatting prematurely.
  5. Have your partner will find being naked unattractive.
  6. Do not have a good erection.
  7. Being bad in sex.
  8. That your penis is too small.
  9. The pairs think is inexperienced.
  10. Feeling uncomfortable after sex.

Top 10 fears of women about sex

  1. That the couple does not want to use a condom.
  2. That your partner has a sexually transmitted disease.
  3. Break condom and unwanted pregnancy.
  4. Let them think it is not attractive naked body.
  5. The couple did not take “no” for an answer.
  6. Your partner will want to do something you do not.
  7. An embarrassing bodily function that may occur during sex.
  8. Let your partner does not have an orgasm or remain unsatisfied.
  9. Do not feel an orgasm and remain unsatisfied.
  10. Being poor in sexual practice.


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