Because Of Kylie, My Career Was In The Shadows – Tyga


Since he broke up with the lovely Kylie Jenner, Tyga sees almost always questioned about his relationship with the star 18-year-old. In an interview granted Big Boy, a famous American radio host, the 26-year-old rapper has told entirely.

Tyga Kylie

Then they broke there are now more than a month, Tyga continues to evoke his ex Kylie Jenner.

If the beautiful brunette has found love in the arms of PARTYNEXTDOOR rapper Tyga him visibly unable to turn the page.

Tyga career ruined after broke up with kylie jenner

Initially, despite the break, he declared his love and respect for Kylie.

Then, seeing that she is soon surrender their separation , he accused his ex of having been unfaithful. Today, it proves once again that he really has this break in the craw and makes it clear that his relationship with Kylie is why his music career is in decline.

According to him, his musical talents were overshadowed while everyone had their eyes on her marriage: ” When you’re a public figure and you’re a couple, it’s hard for people to separate to the part of things.

You could not see me as a “boyfriend of Kylie.” this literally put my talent in the shade and it destroyed my artistic work . ”

Tyga no question of making the same mistakes! Former Blac Chyna claims to be 100% single and visibly beautiful Demi Rose is no longer valid .

Yet he says he wants to take time for himself and refocus on his career, the rapper says he also leaves the door open to Kylie for eventual reconciliation in the future …


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