The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes


Sex between characters in a resource widely used by managers, but there are some that are tawdry, ridiculous or hilarious. Dimitapapers presents the 5 worst of all.

Ridiculous Sex Scenes

The sex scenes are usually the most striking in movies whose plot the permits. As they tend to feed the curiosity of viewers, whether by the actors who star or pure nature, this type of shots can make history if made with some subtlety, such as Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in Netherlands instincts. However, there are others that simply not only raise passions, but are somewhere in the middle between the ridiculous and bad taste. Here are five of the worst sex scenes ever.

#1. Monica Belluci and Clive Owen – Shoot Them Up! (2007)

None of the characters can resist temptation and end up in bed together. In the sin of love about impertinent it occurs to them break into the place with bullets, but even that would prevent them from Owen and Belluci continue in her love. The result is a scene difficult to justify.

#2. Lea Thompson – Howard the Duck (1986)

Lea Thompson gets into the bed to indulge his lover. While there, it seems his mind reminds you that it is a duck. Spoiler alert: the scene ends with a kiss on the peak. Literally.

#3. Elizabeth Berkley – Showgirls (1995)

The actress wanted to prove he was no longer the girl who starred in Saved by the Bell . When he got his first big break, he took without hesitation. In Showgirl he had to do a sex scene in a pool with Kyle MacLachian. Well , not to make a long story short , in full passion Berkley has no better way to give pleasure to your partner to jump back in the water and start jumping to the astonishment of poor Kyle, who surely had not the foggiest idea what Elizabeth was doing. Laugh a little and brought forward the video at 2:55. It is probably the worst 5.

#4. Patrick Wilson and Malin Akerman – Watchmen (2009)

Corny. Too corny. The two characters decide to love while in the background the song sounds Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. The combination of performance with music make anything but romantic and passionate. As least, hilarious and simply ridiculous.

#5. Heather Lockiear – The Return of the Swamp Thing (1989)

We have to be fair. That is, what can you expect from a movie with such a name ( the return of Swamp Thing) ? The funny thing about this is that the director planned a musical stage and a romantic setting for the sex scene. Yeah, as if that might make viewers forget that this is a woman having sex with a monster very, very bad taste. Eye to the provocative conversation:

– I’m a plant

– And I’m a vegetarian.

Yes, these people will not let out anything.


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