Dayo Amusa reveals About Her New Single “Alejo”


Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa’s profile has been rising considering that she generated the film Unforgivable which she managed the sound path. Once the video which was directed by actor turned politician Desmond Elliot, Amusa tried her hand in music. Her first single aside Unforgivable was Aiye Mi which she did a remix with Oritse Femi. Her second single “Alejo” has been rocking air waves.

actress Dayo Amusa

The celebrity echoes concerning the weirdest aspect an enthusiast carried out to her inside a distinctive occupation interview she possessed with film star publication Home of Maliq. Dayo Amusa and fellow celeb Linda Ejiofor have the shield in the April launch of House of Maliq.

The actress altered musician stated while in the traffic, a fan wind lower her glass to greet her which she reciprocated so when the lover asked for her phone number and she denied to provide her, the fan went wilderness. She stated: “You don’t want to know how she switched into insulting me. I had been so shocked that I didn’t even know should I should roll up or simply keep starring. Wasn’t amusing. ”

Speaking about what spurred her to do songs, the Aiye Mi performer said: “Acting is definitely a huge adoration for me, it’s been one thing I have received usually yearned for starting from my youth. Once the option got I recently could not keep back again. It’s one thing I realize I might do prior to I signed up with the enjoyment sector, exact Same thing with tunes. Although my mummy in no way basically wished for me to become a celebrity, now I am not positioning back once more.”


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