Anne Kansiime Reveals She Had Sex Once In College


Top Ugandan comic Anne Kansiime has revealed that she had sex first time when she was student of second years at Makerere University or school. According to her, it had been some thing she never ever wished to experience once again and she dumped her then partner shortly after lost her virginity.

Kansiime is currently involved to Gerald Ojok; they may be but to make their wedding ceremony programs general public

Well-known Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime has said that she never ever experienced a really energetic sex life whilst in collage.

Anne Kansiime

Anne Kansiime stated in the the latest talk to by using a Ugandan radio station station that she only had sex as soon as during her secondly season with the Makerere School.

“She couldn’t go on using the outcomes of experiencing sex, a good reason why she parted methods with him (her initially sweetheart) and did not get an additional sweetheart till she finished college,” noted MsetoEA on March 24.

The 28-yr-old graduated having a Bachelor of Disciplines in Interpersonal Research.

Anne Kansiime lost virginity when she was college student

Anne Kansiime happens to be involved to 1 Gerald Ojok. A wedding event day is but to become set up.

Being a comedian, Anne Kansiime has earned several honors such as: Increasing Celebrity Comedian of the season 2015, African Oscar Honor for favored comedian 2015, Nollywood & African People’s Option Prize for preferred comedian 2015 and You tube sterling silver perform option 2015.

Other accolades beneath Anne Kansiime’s belt are: AIRTEL Females of Substance Honours 2014, BEFFTA 2013 (Finest Comedian) Champion, Lagos Worldwide Event 2013 (Very best Actress) Champion and African Interpersonal Honors Malaysia (ASAM) – 2013.


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